The compatibility of iSMA-B-FCU controllers confirmed by BACnet Testing Laboratories. | GC5 | automatyka budynkowa

Global Control 5 proudly announces that iSMA-B-FCU controllers meet rigorous and high-quality BACnet standards.

Our products have been tested at the qualified BACnet Testing Laboratory and fulfilled all necessary interoperability criteria to be listed at BTL Listing of Tested Products. Currently, the BTL Listing includes 874 products
from 179 manufacturers.

Global Control 5 is one of them!

The BACnet implementation has fulfilled the requirements according to the test standard ISO 16484-6, BTL Test Plan 14.0 and BTL Testing Policies.

These signify that Global Control 5 offers one of the most open and flexible solutions available on the market today because our iSMA-B-FCU controllers provide the ability to communicate with other products.
The client is not limited to use only one type of the product.

BTL Certificate allows to expand our system basing on the products of different brands and give our partners the flexibility to choose relevant components.

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