Tomasz Bal | GC5

Tomasz Bal

Vice President of Product Design

Tomasz as one of the co-owner of Global Control 5 is directly responsible for design of the devices from the hardware point of view.

His adventure with electronics has started from the secondary school which graduated with distinction receiving the main prize for the thesis “The robot controlled by the voice”. During the study at the University, he actively took part in scientific circle, designing Mini Sumo and Sumo Robots for the competitions.

Over 8 years, Tomasz has achieved his job experiences designing and creating the devices for the automotive industry and devices working in hard industrial environment. Tomasz has a wide knowledge about microcontrollers with AVR, PIC, ARM architecture and also about the communications protocols: Modbus, BACnet, CAN.

Tomasz Bal graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics.

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