Development of Global Control 5 Sp. z o. o. export potential on the markets of North America, Australia and Oceania. | GC5 | automatyka budynkowa

The project was co-financed under the Regional Operational Program of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020 (RPO WM 2014-2020); Number and name of the Priority Axis of the RPO WM III Development of innovative potential and entrepreneurship; Number and name of the Measure 3.2. Internationalization of SMEs; Number and name of Sub-measure 3.2.2. Business models.

Global Control 5 Sp. z o.o. operates as a supplier of building automation systems both on the Polish market and, above all, on foreign markets. Global Control 5 Sp. z o.o. currently sells successfully on the markets of the European Union and South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, at the same time caring for the continuous expansion of the sales zone. The company uses specialist knowledge, conducts its own research and development works, uses new technologies, including the Internet as a communication channel and device management in remote mode. Strategic markets for Global Control 5 are markets with high GDP, markets that understand the need to follow world trends and are focused on technological development, as well as markets for which ecology, reduction, and optimization of costs and quality are increasingly important. In this context, USA, Canada, Australia, and Oceania were selected as promising markets for the company’s development. The basic assumption of the project is the implementation of a new business model based on the new internationalization strategy developed as part of the project, thanks to which the GC5 company will expand commercial activities on prospective markets and thus expand the target group of offered products recipients

The main goal of the project is to increase sales by 15% on international markets of building automation products offered by Global Control 5 Sp. z o.o. and signing a minimum of six new contracts in North America and / or Australia and Oceania by June 2018 – by implementing the certification of Global Control 5 Sp. z o.o. and development and implementation of an export development strategy covering the North American, Australian and Oceania markets. The following tasks will fulfill the goal: – development of the Company’s internationalization strategy – promotion of the Company’s products on the US, Canada, Australia and Oceania markets (fairs) – certification of the Company’s products on the US, Canada, Australia and Oceania markets.

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