Porsche shop in Dornbirn (Switzerland) | GC5

Porsche shop in Dornbirn (Switzerland)


PORSCHE showroom in Dornbirn, Switzerland

  • modern car showroom
  • 70 more PORSCHE showrooms is going to be built-in the near future


BMS based on iSMA products:

  • 1x iSMA-B-AAC20-LCD  fully programmable DDC controller
  • 10x iSMA-B-W0202 wireless I/O modules – wherever usage of network cable was impossible or unprofitable to implement
  • Modbus I/O’s from EAP

Connected to:

  • E3M Energy Management (RJ12) Modbus
  • GSM Modem (VPN) communicating with BACnet to the Supervisor

Porshe Dornbirn:


System Integrator:


iSMA Distributor:


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