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The software is an important part of building automation. In order to meet the requirements of our clients, we provide the highest quality programs that allow efficient operation of iSMA devices.

iSMA Tool (FCU, AAC)

To meet clients’ expectations of managing applications controllers powered by Sedona Framework, Global Control 5 has introduced iSMA Tool. From now on, our software together with iSMA controllers provides a complete solution.

iSMA Tool is a Windows-based freeware which allows for programming and maintaining iSMA-B-AAC20 and iSMA-B-FCU controllers.

iSMA Tool allows for online programming, management of Kits and Apps and also analyses historical data of connected controllers.
iSMA Tool has been designed as project-oriented software for easy management of hundreds of controllers on many sites.

iSMA Tool

To facilitate programming of controllers in the Wire Sheet view, several solutions have been provided, such as a special colour scheme, to show dependencies between the related components and links.

To accelerate time spent on building and maintaining the application, iSMA Tool offers the Object Properties window in which important parameters for any selected component can be viewed and changed without leaving the current view.

Key features
  • Freeware for fully programmable iSMA-B-AAC20 controller
  • Kits and apps managers
  • Workspace Tree to support management of hundreds of sites
  • Object Properties window for fast access to components’ parameters
  • Multi-slot edition and multi-action – work with many components at once
  • Multi-trends for history records
  • Printing and exporting history data to many formats
  • Schedules setup in the calendar view
  • Multi-language support
Future Features coming soon
  • Editor to create graphics and use widgets for control and monitoring screen
  • Autodetection of USB port which provides fast way to connect and start work with iSMA-B-FCU controller
  • Built-in simulator for programming and testing
  • Programming iSMA-B-FCU controller straight after plugging a USB connector to the PC.

iSMA Tool is a Microsoft Windows-based freeware. The last supported version is Windows 7. Minimum requirements are as follows: Intel Core i3-3xxx Processor (CPU) or equivalent, 4GB RAM Memory, 50 GB internal hard drive, 100 Mbit Ethernet or 1Gbit NIC, Internet access for license confirmation, and .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher.

iSMA Tool has been designed as project-oriented software to easily manage complex projects engaging numerous iSMA controllers on many sites. This approach allows for reconstruction of the logical distribution of controllers on a site with subdivision into zones or floors (folders) freely built in the Workspace Tree window by the User to accelerate work with complex sites.

iSMA Tool provides a fast and easy way to view and edit the most important data for any component in a special Object Properties window. Whenever User wants to check values or set any slots for a component, this is possible without leaving and closing the current view which makes programming faster.

iSMA Tool gives a possibility to build any table view based on User requirements. If there is a need for a special view for certain components within a table showing required slots in columns, use Custom Table View defined by editing XML files.

Download iSMA Tool freeware

iSMA Tool is provided with a built-in mechanism to draw and show stored values for many trends on a single chart. Thanks to this solution it is easy to compare and analyse historical data over time. Trend charts can be exported to many popular formats, such as pdf, html, docx, xlsx, bmp, gif, jpeg, png, tiff, emf, wmf, giving opportunities for further work with data on third-party software. Trend charts in graphical and table formats can be easily scaled to different page sizes and printed.

iSMA Tool will take over the role of FCU Updater and iSMA Configurator in the next few releases, providing a single complete solution – one tool for all iSMA products offered by Global Control 5.

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