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To meet the development of building automation and the growing demand in this field for more advanced solutions, Global Control 5 Sp. z o. o. has developed series of products to allow for even better management of different systems. The core of the iSMA solutions is built on the Niagara Framework®.



Based on our specialists proven experience we provide support at all stages of the implementation of the system.

We cooperate with Investors at the project stage and determining its functional requirements. We adjust the whole applications to the capabilities and costs.

Modern buildings are equipped with different types of systems: HVAC, lighting, security, energy management, and more. Effective integration and interoperability of these systems are crucial for increasing the energy efficiency of buildings by minimizing costs, reducing energy consumption and carbon emission.


We provide technical assistance to BMS designers in planning a system structure, selection of specific devices and necessary calculations. Global Control 5 Sp. zo.o. shares CAD libraries and other necessary materials to work on the project. Our specialists conducts certificated trainings on BMS designing.

At the creation and implementation stages, system integrators are fully supported by trained GC5’s engineers. The Technical Support Department is the major part of Global Control 5 after the Production Department. This department supports an open platform use by the development of the GC5’s own software and controllers. We offer a comprehensive and multiple stage training programme for system integrators. The training is a combination of theory and practical workshop – style activities.


The challenge for building administrators in existing objects is extension and integration of possessed systems. Their diversity caused a creation of many communication protocols which not allow to the direct exchange information between systems. Many protocols are no longer developed. The answer to this challenge is iSMA based on Niagara Framework. That technology gives us structural software which not only provides us with the conventional DDC, but also integrates a number of systems and devices. Regardless of the manufacturer or communication protocol used, it combines them into a unified platform managed in real time using standard web browsers.

At the beginning of 2017 Global Control 5 has expanded its range for industrial automation offering the products under the brand SFAR (Solutions for Automation & Robotics). Our experience and knowledge of modern technologies allow us to introduce to the market two wide range series of I/O modules for industrial automation: SFAR-S and SFAR-1M.



Global Control 5 Sp. z o. o. also successfully works with OEM customers all over the world on the supply of components to other system brands.

We also dispose of the international sales network in cooperation with trained and certificated the iSMA brand Distributors.

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