IOTx 2018, 1-3 May, Dubai | GC5

Build your network in the world’s fastest IoT adopting region!


Internet of Things is a concept according to which uniquely identifiable objects can directly or indirectly collect, process or exchange data via the smart KNX electrical system or a computer network. Such items include household appliances, lighting and heating articles, wearables.

The primary goal of the Internet of Things is to create intelligent spaces, ie intelligent cities, transport, products, buildings, energy systems, health systems or related to everyday life. The basis for the development of intelligent spaces is to provide technology that will ensure their implementation.

The global market for IoT networking solutions is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6% through 2022, when the market could be worth $1.0 trillion. Internet of Things Expo and Conference (ioTx) is the regions gathering place for all who thrive on the business digitisation and transformation. It serves an international dialogue on the internet of Things, market needs, and innovative solutions with keynote speakers comprised of industry executives and heads of state from around the region. Topics include smart cities, blockchain, artificial intelligence, transportation, cyber security, big data and more.

Global Control 5 will present Internet of Things in relation to our devices, i.e. how the collected data can be sent to the cloud by our devices and how our devices can retrieve data from the cloud.

IOTx 2018, hall ZAB6, stand A19





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