Comfort Management by iSMA | GC5 | automatyka budynkowa

Are you looking for a complete comfort management system?

Are you tired of constantly looking for a comprehensive solution that meets the necessary requirements for room control?

Now, the perfect solution is at your fingertips! Comfort Management by iSMA – probably the best choice for you and your clients!


Global Control 5 knows that every building may offer challenges associated with comfort management. But finding a customizable comfort control solution does not need to be difficult. Comfort Management by iSMA makes it easy. We have created the solution that meets the demands of the building automation market. Comfort Management by iSMA allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels together with lighting and blinds management.

Comfort Management by iSMA is the group of iSMA products specially designed to meet every users’ requirement.

It includes:





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