Request for Proposals No. 2/UE/2017 of 28th March 2017. | GC5

Cancellation of Request for Proposals No. 2/UE/2017 on 6th April 2017.

Due to the change in the scope of UL and CSA certification standards, Request for Proposals No. 2/EU/2017 has been cancelled.

As soon as possible, a new request for proposals will be announced.


The Client: Global Control 5 Sp. z o.o. with the headquarters in Warsaw announces a request for proposals for the process of products certification with regard to UL and CSA standards.

I apply to you with a request to present your offer referring to conducting the process of products certification with regard to UL and CSA certificate, commissioned to a research unit or the company with an accredited research laboratory, the result of which is to provide information about the compliance of I/O modules of Mix with UL and CSA standards as well as presenting the results of the research in the form of a report and certification documents in English.

The scope of the subject of the procurement includes:
1. Verification of compliance with UL and CSA standards
2. Certification

The Request for Proposals No. 2/UE/2017 as well as a detailed specification of the subject of procurement are presented in Attachments.

The above mentioned project is planned to be executed within the scope of the competition under the Regional Operational Programme for the Mazovian Region for 2014-2020, 3.2 Internationalization of SME, Measure 3.2.2 Internationalization of enterprises – type of projects – “Internationalization of enterprises through boosting the export of goods and services”

The title of the project: “The Development of the Export Potential of Global Control 5 Sp. z o.o. at markets of North America, Australia and Oceania”.

Planned timeframes for the execution of the project: from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2017.

The deadline to submit offers expires on: 10th April 2017.

Request_nr 2_UE_2017 Request_nr 2_UE_2017_attachment_1 Request_nr 2_UE_2017_attachment_2 Request_nr 2_UE_2017_attachment_3 Request_nr 2_UE_2017_attachment_4 Request_nr 2_UE_2017_attachment_5 Request_nr 2_UE_2017_attachment_6

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